Best Tips for Staying Engaged During Your Virtual Internship

How to ensure you're standing out your internship even when working from home.

January 17, 2021

Do you trouble staying focused during your internship program’s virtual workday? Whether you are an intern or have a full-time job, giving your undivided attention to a computer monitor while working 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. is incredibly difficult. Although you may have no other choice than but to work remote, here are a few things you can do to boost your productivity and maintain continual focus throughout your workday.

1. Put Your Phone Face Down

For the majority of virtual jobs and remote internship programs, most calls are via computer. When you are on a break from video calls, it can be challenging to refrain from looking at the latest social media updates and news. Turn your phone’s ringer on, and place it face down. Make it your goal to only look at your phone if the texts or calls are work-related. In that way, you will only be tempted to look at your phone for work purposes and can focus on your task.

2. Take a Break

Even when work is not virtual, breaks are necessary. A big topic surrounding remote work has been video conference burnout. While video conferences give us some point of connection to our colleagues, they can also be tiring and cause us to long for in-person contact even more than we already did. Because of this burnout, when your schedule allows, step away from all electronics. Go outside and take a walk to stretch your legs. Not only will it feel nice to be outside, it will also be a chance to clear your head and make you more productive once you do return.

3. Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule is vital for staying organized and ensuring timely arrival to all meetings; it can also keep you on track to get your projects done on-time. Schedule your meetings and any other notable commitments in your calendar first. Then, schedule long work blocks with short breaks in between them. Maybe even add one longer break to clear your mind and ensure that you are devoting enough time to yourself. If you do not feel rested and taken care of, you will not be productive.

These are just a few tips that we find helpful for staying engaged, but there are many other ways to ensure your productivity throughout the day. In addition to these tips for maintaining engagement during the workday, an important aspect to focus is taking care of yourself after work hours. Working from home can be draining, but if you put in the extra work to make sure you can focus during the workday, you will accomplish so much more.